Boxing Seminars


There's Levels to this...

Any chance that we get to grow and improve in our chosen sports, careers or hobbies should be taken with both hands.  no exceptions!

Over the years i have been given the honour of sharing my knowledge, experience with my Boxing Seminars.  Giving attendees both sides of the coin; putting my ABA Coaching qualifications to good use while also giving a personal insight into my favourite boxing techniques and the mindset you need to carry with you to succeed and flourish.  

As a High Level Coach and Competitor I have had the honour to Train or Teach at some of the top gyms in the world including Nova Geracao Academy in Rio, Brazil, the Royal Marines Boxing Association in the UK and DengFeng Sanda School in Henan, China.  Outside of Professional Combat sports, I gave a very successful Boxing seminar to the THUMP boxing fitness Coaches here in Taipei, Taiwan last year.  Wether it's learning to fight, or Coaching others.  I've got you covered.

It's all about the small details, knowing how to manipulate the situation to your advantage and playing to your strengths.  It gives me great pleasure to help people Improve and become more comfortable within themselves and their craft.

My seminars are conducted with the upmost professionalism.  As with anything I do, I give the maximum to the people attending and giving their time to learn.  My knowledge is shared with a friendly attitude and I take the time to come and see every attendee, fine tuning and correcting the small mistakes.  




Book a seminar for:

  • Boxing Technique
  • Boxing Coaching Technique and advice
  • Youth Boxing
  • Work retreat(team building)
  • Concentration on specific Boxing technique (ringcraft, defensive or offensive work, footwork and movement etc) -Usually arranged monthly.