Personal Training frequently asked questions.


.How do I book a training session with you?

The process is very straight forward.  Just fill out the quick enquiry form found in the Personal Training section of my website.  I will then Email you to arrange arrange the time and place.


.How do I pay?

You can pay by cash on the day or by card or ATM beforehand.  Whatever is more comfortable and convenient for you.  If you are taking advantage of the Multi session discount then you will Pay at one time prior to the first session.


.Are discounts available if I pay for Multiple sessions?

Yes! You should be rewarded for making a big commitment to improving your health, fitness and performance.  I offer discounts for 5 and 10 block sessions (you can also enquire about a larger commitment).  Details are available in the Training services section of the website or you can use the enquiry form for more information.


.Are refunds available after I buy multiple sessions?

I do offer refunds on any remaining sessions.  However, they will be refunded at the regular session price.  This is to stop someone taking advantage of the discount price with no intention of completing the block of sessions.  If there is a legitimate reason i.e; Moving away from the area, I can help you out and it will be decided on a person to person basis.


.Can I cancel a training session?

Of course, we all have busy schedules and sometimes life just gets in the way!  Out of respect for me and my time though I would appreciate at least 24 hours notice of a cancelation.  I have a packed timetable and very often a waiting list for Personal Training.   Giving me prior notice of a cancellation gives other people a chance to train with me.


.What does your Personal Training take place?

Right now I have a couple of locations, mostly working out of Monster Fitness in Yonghe District.  I am however working on making my Training available from the Government Training centres located around Taipei and new Taipei City.  Hopefully I will have news on this soon.  Some clients have expressed a desire to train outside in the Local parks which is available too and something i really love.


.Do I need to bring anything to our Training session?

Wear what is comfortable for you to Train in, A water bottle, gloves or supports if you really need them…oh and make sure you bring your desire to improve.  Thats the most important thing