Online Performance frequently asked questions.


.How do I pay for your Online Performance Plans?

There are multiple options available.  I accept all major Credit and Debit cards through my Website powered by Shopify for your safety and piece of mind.  Paypal can also be used as well as an ATM transfer.


.How does the process work?

Glad you asked.  The process is a smooth and transparent one.

If you have no specific questions or enquiries then you can go directly to my Performance Plan application form located in the Online Training Section.  Answer these questions honestly and to the best of your ability to help me really get a sense for what you want and how I can optimise your results.

After receiving your Form i will contact you to discuss my thoughts and ideas and if this matches your goals and desires…this is a chance to further share your targets and ambitions from your training.  

From there I will send you the payment details and a Confirmation form to electronically sign and send back to me to give me the green light and get to work on your fully customised plan.


Once I have Received this Confirmation Form,  a refund will not be available! the reason for this is because designing your Training Plan is a task which requires significant time and expertise as well as the use of my qualifications and experience.  By confirming your plan you are buying all this time and expertise.  You wouldn’t ask a restaurant for a refund half way through your delicious meal, neither would you ask a hotel for a refund the night after a beautiful nights sleep.  Respect the time spent and professionalism needed to complete your plan.


.Can my Plan be altered and adjusted?

Communication is key.  I am available to analyse your progress and talk through what is working for you as well as what you are struggling with through our weekly check ins.  This time can also be used to make any small adjustments to really optimise your training!


.Is it really worth it?

To some people, I’m sure on the surface is seems like a lot of money for something…I’d like to break it down simply to really drive home what you are getting for your money.

For 7500NTD you receive;

A 6 week Training Plan FULLY CUSTOMISED for you and your goals.  Not some program off the internet designed for someone else's ability and target.  Not a generic Plan taught to your Average AFAA or ACE personal trainer.  Every day’s Training is set out to optimise your potential.  You WILL make significant strides towards your goals.  No guess work.

A Personal Nutrition Plan suited to your Goals and Macros.  Again, no guesswork involved.  An often overlooked but vital part of your training is your Nutrition.  If this isn't planned out and well suited to your goals then you will surely fail.  Thats the truth!  I’d like to add that a Customised Nutrition Plan is usually not included when you hire a Personal Trainer…

The support and motivation of a Highly sought after Personal Trainer and Coach.  You're not working with any old Generic Trainer.  I am a Multi-Sport Champion, a Trainer Holding Elite and Industry leading Qualifications and a man who has had the honour of Coaching at some of the worlds best gyms and academies.  I am here every step of the way and i will do anything I can to get you to your goal.  Believe that!


For the Price of my 6 week Custom Online Performance Plan you could get;

6 Personal Training Sessions from a government fitness instructor 

4 Personal Training Sessions at World GYM

Possibly 3 Personal Training Sessions from a private trainer

None of that will include Nutrition or a real Support base.  if you really want to change your life and see your undoubted potential…You owe it to yourself to give yourself the tools to get you there.

I would say that is worth it!


.Do you accept everyone?

Although I want to help everyone willing to make a positive change to their life, I am only one man!  I have certain space available each Month and I am honest enough to tell you If my expertise and background are not suited to your goals.  I will also be unable to work with you if;

You have a serious Injury

You are a Vegan (sorry about that.  My knowledge just doesn’t cover this niche)

A real beginner ( for this i would recommend you book a person to person session with me so I can help you learn the basics first.  In this instance I can offer a discount)