Why Online Personal Training?


Does Online Training Suit you?

It seems these days that Online training is becoming more and more popular amongst busy and hardworking people around the world.  Would this form of Personal Training suit someone like you?  Thats for you to decide but I thought I’d help you out by listing out some of the good points to Hiring your trainer online.


Link up with a higher quality trainer

Unless you call a major city home(and sometimes even then) you'll probably find that your options for a Personal Trainer or coach are limited.  Maybe the good ones are booked up or unavailable at the times when you are…leaving you with the fantastic choice of an inexperienced, under qualified or just generally unsuitable Trainer for you and your needs.  By taking your search online you'll find a much larger database of potential trainers from around the world, giving you two great things…choice and flexibility.


Get something that suits your schedule

Life gets in the way sometimes.  Work, Family, friends…the list goes on.  Most people struggle to find a time to book in a regular session with their trainer(especially a good one).  Consistency is a key factor in making real progress with anything.  If your work and personal life is too hectic and training times are missed…well i’m sure you know how this finishes!

Online training offers you the flexibility you need and the opportunity to get that constancy with your workout schedule.  Add to that the expertise, guidance and planning you get with an experienced and knowledgable trainer and you've got the tools to make a success of things.


 Get the Expertise you need

Following on from my earlier point.  By going down the online route, you will vastly improve your chances of finding a trainer or coach with the expertise you need.  As much as some people will have you believe…not all Trainers are the same.  We have different backgrounds, qualifications(or not in many cases), knowledge, ideas and reasons for doing things.  A lot of guys struggle with their training when they feel they are not compatible with their trainer.  This incompatibility leads to a block in the road…and some awkwardness too no doubt.  

You owe it to yourself to find someone who's knowledge and expertise match with your own goals and targets.  If you haven’t found that in the real world then try online.


Save some cash.

This one always sounds good.  Personal training is not cheap.  Especially when you climb up to the more reputable and knowledgable ones.  Multiple sessions a week combined with any other add ons will start to add up.  Now, if you are making good progress on your goals and feeling great…you can really justify that.  However, everyone has different budgets and disposable income.  This can really hold some of us back.  In the real world you could be left with the choice of no trainer…or paying one of those trainers from world gym who seems hellbent on destroying your back.

A lot of reputable and industry respected Trainers with online options can hook you up with a great plan to suit your budget.

I hopes this helps explain some key points as to why you should think about trying a custom online plan.  This doesn’t just apply to me.  There are a good handful of great personal trainers and coaches who lend their knowledge and expertise to Online clients.  

One thing to always remember though…Not all trainers are equal.  Especially in this Instagram age, there seems to be a barrage of online “trainers’ looking to make a quick bit of cash selling their one size fits all plans.  Just because a method or idea works for one, doesn’t mean it works for all.  You’re in control so make sure your choice suits you and that you get what you thought you were paying for!
— DP