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David Parkinson is an Industry leading Coach, Combat sports champion and former Royal Marines Commando.  His proven methods and World class results put him in High demand as a personal Trainer to Models, Athletes and anyone looking to maximise their results in the gym, the ring or the cage.  David is also a regular contributor to GQ Magazine TW and a mentor to several young Mixed Martial Arts fighters.

"Hi I'm DP.  My coaching and guidance recently been focused on Military personnel, Tactical athletes and Fighters, I am happy to now offer you all the chance to join the many people I have helped get stronger, train smarter and ultimately reach their training goals.  I have a few spaces available for Personal training in the Taipei area as well as my Boxing/Kickboxing tuition.  Alternatively, you can check out my exciting and highly acclaimed online performance plans to accelerate you towards your fitness and lifestyle goals!  All information and booking info is available by clicking on the relevant links above.  Hear from you soon..."



I’ve known DP for a long time and he always gets results. The details and knowledge provided in his workout and nutrition plans as well as the constant feedback and monitoring throughout the time working together ensures the goals are met. Work and personal life can often get in the way but DP’s plans are easy to stick to and customised to your lifestyle. Work hard and follow what he says and you are guaranteed to win.
— CJ Banks (British and International wrestling champion)
DP is highly recommended for someone who really needs clear planning and guidance to get the body they want. He works tirelessly and really understands your needs while designing your plan. His years of experience with real world clients of different backgrounds and levels makes him a real problem solver and thats what you want from an Online coach. If my trainer can’t be with me in person to make the adjustments and show me what needs to be done, I really need to have faith in his skills and previous work…that’s what I have with DP. Highly recommended!
— Pete Cochran (BJJ competitor)
There are a lot of Trainers, Coaches and Fitness professionals out there…they are not all cut from the same cloth!

David holds great certifications like many other Trainers. That alone I’m sure would be enough to get some positive results. However, if you have the chance to work with a man who has proven his worth year after year as a Royal Marine Commando as well as in combat sports…take that chance. He is a unique and Inspiring man and they don’t come around often.
— Lucca Bonnen (business man)