General frequently asked questions.


.Are you Interested in representing my Company or Business?

I am very particular about who I represent.  I am open to sponsorships but only if they Fit my brand and image.  I appreciate all offers however and If you are interested, Drop me an email and we can discuss it further.


.Are you still a Competitive Fighter?

Right now I am Putting a lot of focus on my Personal Training Business and Coaching.  However, I still love competing like all real Fighters and have held talks with WLF in China and would love to step back into the ring as a Boxer where it all started.  I will think about the Pan-Asian BJJ competition if I am available at the time and I promise when the right opportunity presents itself i will look forward to painting a masterpiece of violence.


.Do you still have ties to the Military.

I am very proud of my Military Career and credit this background for the way i approach challenges and achieve success.  I have worked with Potential Military recruits to help them get in shape for military training and make regular donations to Veterans services and Military rehabilitation centres.  The biggest show of character you can make is to sacrifice your own time and safety to protect others way of life.  For that I am proud of every service man and women.


Do you offer Military Discount?

Your service should be rewarded and I often feel our Culture forgets this.  I offer sizeable discounts to serving Military personnel as well as those transitioning from soldier to civilian as.  Drop me an email for further details.


Can I use your Articles for my Website?

My Articles are currently exclusive to GQ Magazine TW.  However, If you email me with your requests I will get back to you!


.I want you to appear at my Event

Contact me with your request at