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Before you send me your payment for a custom Online Performance Plan, Take a few minutes to read through and fill out this quick form.

This signed form gives me the signal to go ahead with the planning and creation of your custom plan as well as confirming your commitment to working towards your fitness goals!

Tick the box below to acknowledge that you are fully aware of what you will receive in your Online Performance plan, you have discussed and expressed your goals, targets and needs with DP and you are happy and understand the road from here; *
As your Personal Trainer and guide, I guarantee you the full use of my time and expertise in designing your Custom plan. It will be done to the best of my abilities, making good use of the Information and data you have provided to help you reach your goals. Communication is also key. I will be available to analyse your progress and talk through what is working for you as well as what you are struggling with through our weekly check ins. This time can also be used to make any small adjustments to really optimise your training! One thing of importance is that once I have Received this Confirmation Form, a refund will not be available! the reason for this is because designing your Training Plan is a task which requires significant time and expertise as well as the use of my qualifications and experience. By confirming your plan with this form… you are buying all this time and expertise. Thank you for understanding this point; *

I appreciate you giving me the opportunity to assist you in reaching your fitness and lifestyle goals and I look forward to seeing what we are capable of achieving