Combat frequently asked questions.


.How do I book a Boxing or Striking session with you?

In the same way as my Personal Training.  Just complete the simple enquiry form and I will get in touch to arrange a day and time.


.Do I need any previous experience?

Nope.  I have experience working with people of all levels and ages.  We can talk through your aspirations and exactly what you hope to achieve and work with that!


.Do I need any equipment?

If you are looking to take up Boxing or a Striking based sport then i recommend you get your own gloves and hand wraps for your own comfort.  If you are looking to try for the first time or you are unsure it is for you…I have Gloves and Wraps available as well as Jump Ropes and other training tools.


.Where do you coach from?

Monster Gym in Yonghe District as well as the Eagle Boxing Gym close to Kunyang MRT.


.Out of curiosity, what is your Coaching Experience?

I was a member of the successful Royal Marines Boxing team coaching staff in the UK.  I have also Coached Boxers and Kickboxers at Haikou University in Hainan, Dengfeng Sanda Club in Henan, Nova Gerecao Cental de Lutas HQ in Leblon, RDJ Brazil as well as helping the Taiwan Amateurs working out of Eagle Boxing Club owned by the Taiwan WBC president.  I also held a successful seminar here in Taipei for the THUMP Boxing fitness coaches to bring up their boxing skills.


.Do you also offer discounts for multiple sessions?

Yes! details are available in the Combat section of my website and the same rules apply as with the Personal Training Block bookings.